The Floodwood - Choiced for a Working Forest You Manage
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You Be The Manager
Forester Marriane Besaw checks her tree core sample.
One day soon, this will be the site of the most exciting aspect of this project. In it, you will get the opportunity to manage parts of the Floodwood State Forest, just the way you would like. We will give you the opportunity to use all you have learned from the "hotspot" stories you have seen so far and then apply it to some real situations. Here’s how it will work.

You will have the choice of several different stands of trees from the Floodwood, along with some basic information on them. You may pick the stand where you would like to begin. Once you have, there will be a menu of management decisions you must make and actions you may choose, ranging from large scale logging to keeping it just as it is, with very limited human intervention. Once you have made your choices, your computer will "grow" the stand as you watch, while showing and telling you what will likely happen as the result of your choices.

We think this will be the most fun and educational aspect of this project. We’re working on it now, and hope to have it available to you soon. We hope you are looking forward to it!