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Floodwood State Forest Boundary & Major Haul Roads
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Panorama Sites
Floodwood Map Along Floodwood Creek Floodwood Map
Floodwood Map
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Floodwood Map Boehl's Divide Selection Cut Floodwood Map Forester At Work Floodwood Map
Images of the panorama sites
Floodwood Map
Floodwood Map
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Floodwood Map Young Trees Old Trees Floodwood Map Little North Fork of the Clearwater River Floodwood Map
Floodwood Map
Text describing panorama sites
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This is the Floodwood State Forest as it exists today. You can roll over the boundary and road text to the left and see those light up on the map. You will also see a number of red dots that "light up" as you move your mouse over them and show you on the left what site you would visit. Click on each one to open a panorama of the site and to start your interactive exploration.

Have fun!

Marianne Besaw

Marianne was raised in Pennsylvania and gained a bachelor’s degree in biology from Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania. In 1986, she earned a Master of Science in Forestry from Duke University, where she completed her thesis in Finland.

Marianne is a true world traveler. In addition to her time in Finland, her travels have taken her to Russia, New Zealand and Australia. She speaks fluent Spanish and once taught English in Mexico.

Married to Eric, who is also a Department of Lands forester, Marianne also worked as a forester for Potlatch Corporation. Marianne and Eric are avid outdoors enthusiasts, enjoying hiking and mountain biking, especially.

Richard "Tiny" Furman

Born just 30 miles east of New York City, "Tiny" Furman gained a love of the outdoors early in life through family camping trips and the Boy Scouts. Like many who love outdoor pursuits, he sought a career in the forests, gaining an associates degree from Paul Smith’s College in the Adirondacks in 1971 and then graduating from the University of Idaho with a degree in Forest Management in 1973.

Following short stints logging and working for the Forest Service in North Idaho, Tiny joined the Department of Lands and has served Idaho for the past 24 years. Even though north Idaho has been home and the state of Idaho his employer, Tiny doesn’t always work here. In 2000, Tiny, along with dozens of his counterparts, saw firefighting service in five different states.

Tiny and his wife, Karin Johnson, reside on 20 acres near St. Maries, where he has a "hobby" sawmill. His hobby is prehistorical anthropology.

Foresters Marianne Besaw and Tiny Furman.

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