The Floodwood - Choices for a Working Forest
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Welcome To The Floodwood!
It's never easy for those who manage our forest lands to explain all they do. Because all of us can’t make a trip to the forest, the sponsors of this project - the Idaho Department of Lands, the Idaho Forest Products Commission, the U.S. Forest Service and the University of Idaho - want to bring the forest to you. Through this project you can learn about the Floodwood State Forest’s colorful history, be able to view 360 degree panoramas of actual areas in the Floodwood and learn about forest management from two of the state’s foresters. Later, through a portion of the project that is still "under construction", you can use all you’ve learned to make your own decisions for managing this land and the computer will show you how the forest will change over time as the result of your decisions. We hope that one day you can actually visit the Floodwood and see all this firsthand. In the meantime, we look forward to having you with us for a virtual exploration of the Floodwood and forest management. So, lace your boots and let's go!

Map of Idaho and inset of Floodwood forest area.

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